Birth of a new trip

Back to the South-American continent

When we left Brazil in August 2014, we left our beloved van behind for friends of us to travel through South-America with. For any number of reasons this trip never took place and the sun, salt, and rain of Recife had their way with our orange travel companion for the better part of 3 years. When in 2016 Ruth, Floris' girlfriend got a new job in Quito, Ecuador for a year from July 2017 our attention was once again directed towards the South-American continent.

Why take the shortest route

Slowly but surely a plan started to develop to drive the van from Recife to Quito by way of Ushuaia, the southernmost city of the world. Upon arriving in Quito one of the options would be to travel onward, maybe as far as Canada and/or Alaska and thus this trip was baptized to be the 2018 Americas Adventure. In contrast to the 2014 Oranje Trophy this time we will have no schedule or itinerary to adhere to and the road will lead us to wherever we want to go.

Where are we?

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