Our van might be yours!

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The 18th of September we have to end our trip of a lifetime and we are thinking of selling our (currently Dutch plated) trusted home on wheels. We aim to end our trip in the Seattle area around the 15th of September.

Some details about the van:

  • 1987 (eligible for import as it’s over 25 years old ) Mercedes-Benz 310 petrol, with a 70 liter (18.5 gallon) tank with a range of +/- 500km (+/- 300 miles). 17 MPG
  • Second owner after the voluntary German fire brigade.
  • Currently 123.000km (76,875 miles), end of the trip approximately 128.000km (80,000 miles).
  • Outfitted with an LPG (propane) system (for driving, NOT for cooking) with a 300 liter (79 gallons) tank (240 liter (63 gallons) fill capacity) with a range of +/- 1500 km (935 miles). 15 MPG
  • Queen sized bed inside, the bedroom is isolated on the sides and roof.
  • Rooftop tent with 2,40m x 2,00m (7’10” x 6’7″) mattress, dividable into 2 separate bedrooms with separate entrances. Annex that connects to the side door of the van, creating 1 big connected space.
  • 5 seats with seatbelts.
  • 2 spare tires in good condition, one with rim and 1 without.
  • Secondary battery with 2 x 220 volts, dimmable led lights with 16 colors and USB charger.
  • Michelin Cargo tires are still good with about 15,000 miles on them and good for another 25,000 miles at least.
  • Some slight rust on the outside near the wheel arches and some small bumps, but overall in great condition.
  • Runs great, regular maintenance intervals and oil changes done.
  • Lots of extras not in the photos like jerrycans for water, a 60 liter Fenix Yuma cooler, hammocks, etc.
  • Completely outfitted (equipment, tools, spare parts, filters, etc.) to start your travel adventure today!

Price: 13.964 US dollars

For any info or if you are interested in buying the van, please send a message through the contact form and we will contact you ASAP.

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